gateway to hope

“He watches as they hurry by, not giving him a glance.  They think he wants a handout, but he simply wants a chance.”

Who is this invisible person?

He’s one of the hundreds of homeless in our beautiful city of Tyler, TX.  Men, women, and children right here in our own backyards are homeless for a variety of reasons.

Although Tyler is blessed with many benevolent individuals, churches, and organizations who reach out to show compassion to those who find themselves in desperate circumstances, there are still some needs not being addressed.  Many of the homeless want to rise above the circumstances that put them where they are.  They want and deserve the chance to try again.

Gateway to Hope is a 501(c)(3) organization that was formed in December, 2010, to begin looking for ways to give our homeless a “hand up” as they attempt to carve out a more secure future for themselves.

The idea of a Day Resource Room came out of much brainstorming, research, and discussion.  Our vision of a Day Resource Room for the homeless would provide a place for them to wash their clothes, take showers, and get a haircut; and a place to get a photo ID and have computer access to make job applications and get basic computer training.  The Day Resource Room would also provide space for various social service agencies to meet with the homeless to inform them of medical, mental, food stamp, housing, transportation, food, and clothing resources.

We are appealing to your concern for our city, your concern for our homeless neighbors, and to your generosity to partner with us to meet our goal of providing relief for those in need.  In addition to supporting our efforts financially, we also reach out to you to volunteer your time for the day to day operation.  Together we can help the homeless enter into our “Gateway to Hope.”